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Comments: Hey, Just found your site and pretty cheap compared to SNW. Mainly I came here to buy a Drosera prolifera. I just sent an order question today, looking for an answer soon!

First Name: jm82792
Comments: nice site when I get a terrarium setup Ill get some weolly dews :D

First Name: JM82792
Comments: Nice price on wolly dews!

First Name: Shawn
Comments: Great site! I like the drosera pics! I defenatly plan on ordering from you in the future!

First Name: Joshua
Comments: Nice website. I have just fell in love with the Petiolaris complex and thank you for concentrating on their propigation!

First Name: Chris
Comments: Very cool site, gave me lots of good ideas and a huge wish list!

First Name: Jerry
Comments: Nice site!Keep up the good

First Name: Kevin
Comments: Nice site, looks alot more professional since I last saw it. Probably dont remember me (Windmill Gardens last year) I will contact you!

Welcome to Homer's Carnivorous Garden!

I am an owner/operator of a small nursery, just south of Seattle, Washington.
My collection began back in the spring of 2000 when a friend and I ordered a few plants from a nursery online.
Today, I grow dozens of species that originate from all over the globe.
Most of my collection is grown indoors with the help of artificial lighting.
The indoor setup consists of fish tanks converted to terraria, along with a grow rack.
The Sarracenia, Darlingtonia, and some hardy Drosera live outside year around.
Our cool winters and mild summers provide a range of temperatures to support dormancy in winter and moderate growth in summer.
A variety of plants are for sale, depending the season.
If you don't see anything on my sales page that interests you, but find it on my growlist, please let me know.
Keep in mind that I will only ship plants within the continental USA.

Happy Growing!